In a classroom there were several kids, when one of them asked the teacher:

– Teacher, what is LOVE ?

The teacher felt the kid deserved the best answer she could give to that intelligent question. Since it was almost time for a break, she asked every student to go around the school and come back with something that would bring the feeling of love.

The kids rushed out the classroom, and when they came back the teacher said:

– So, I want everybody to show what you brought to the whole class.

The first kid said:

– I brought this FLOWER, isn’t it beautiful ?

The second kid said:

– I brought this BUTTERFLY. Look at these colorful wings, I am gonna put it in my collection !

The third kid said:

– I brought this YOUNG BIRD. It had fallen with another one from the nest. Isn’t it cute ?

And the kids were showing what they brought.

After almost everybody had showed their discoveries, the teacher noticed that there was a kid who had been quiet all the time. She was ashamed because she had not brought anything.The teacher went to her and asked:

– My dear, why haven’t you brought anything ?

She then answered in an innocent voice:

– I am sorry teacher. I saw the FLOWER, and felt its perfume. I was going to take it, but I preffered to leave it, so its perfume would last longer and others could feel it. I also saw the BUTTERFLY, soft, colourful..she seemed so happy that I did not want to disturb it. I also saw the YOUNG BIRD that had fallen between the leafs, but as I climbed the tree, I noticed the sad look of it’s mother, so I decided to return it to the nest. Therefore, I only bring with me: the perfume of the flower, the feeling of liberty of the butterfly and the gratefulness of the look of the little bird’s mother. How can I show you what I brought?

The teacher thanked the young kid and gave her an A, because she was the only one that realized that we can only bring LOVE in our hearts.

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