The real secrets to marital bliss!

Artikal asal di ambil dari  sini

Nota : Walaupun konsepnya mungkin dari barat, tapi tak salah untuk kita mempraktikkannya.

Health dot com and CNN have published some pointers on the secrets to a healthy marriage. They include things like “stay slim” and “have sex” (I am paraphrasing) but it seems to me they are all things we’ve heard before. Have a financial plan? Yeah, yeah, we know.

I have been married for 11 years. Sometimes it has been pure bliss, sometimes it has been challenging and difficult. Such is the nature of marriage, despite what romantic comedies will have you believe.

However, I do think there are a few things that can help a marriage stay more blissful than difficult.

Samantha’s 10 secrets to a successful marriage

1. Own ear plugs. The heavy-duty kind. The kind that muffle snoring.

2. Go away. Travel on your own once in a while–even if it’s just a weekend. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all. Plus, it’s nice to sleep without stuffing your ears with Styrofoam every now and again.

3. Marry someone who does dishes and knows how to fold laundry. Don’t complain about how he does these jobs, just let him do them. (Saya bertuah,  bab nih saya bagi 100 markah to my hubby.  Ps: Hmm Dah lama lah tak makan nasi minyak yang abang masak. heheh)

4. Don’t poop with the door open. Seriously, that’s disgusting.

5. Don’t watch TV more than an hour a day. It saves all those tedious he-watches-too-much-sports arguments and allows you to actually get some stuff done. Maybe while conversing.

6. Go on day dates. Everyone is so tired at night. Going on day dates allows you to do new things without yearning for your pillow the entire time.

7. Don’t fret about wearing sweatpants and slippers, but do make an effort every now and again to look smoking. Men are visually stimulated. They like pretty. Frustrating but true.

8. Have sex. Enjoy it.

9. Don’t pick up all his slack. He’s an adult, not your other kid. If he has to go to work in a wrinkled shirt, that’s on him. If he forgets his mom’s birthday, that’s on him. Save the micro-managing for when it matters, like reminding him to pick up the kids after work.

10. Nagging him about the same thing for years on end only make you both angry and miserable. Your opinions and wishes have been registered. Either leave or make your peace.

Added bonus secret #11 (the most important one)
Marry someone who respects and loves you and treats you with kindness.

What about you? What are your secrets to a successful marriage?

Eh apa kat bawah nih. Cuba klick tengok

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