Don’t Throw Away Your One sen Coins

We cannot stop mosquitoes from laying eggs in any stagnant water; in drains/ponds or water collected in waste pails, tanks, tins, used tyres etc. etc.

Of course if you have fish inside the tanks/containers then there should be no problem. Do you know that there is a very simple and very economical way to destroy the mosquitoes’ eggs and not let them hatch into larvae?

Very, very simple, just put a few 1 sen copper coins into the tanks/containers & it will solve all your problems.

According to the Japanese Research Scientists, the mosquitoes eggs will be destroyed by a kind of mineral discharged from the copper.

DON’T BELIEVE, try it yourself and even the small snails will not visit the containers (with copper coins). You will observe the water collected in the containers will be very clean and clear.

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